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Founder Story

The story begins a few years ago, when a family relative of mine committed suicide. The cause of suicide came from distraughtness - a mental health problem of his that had not been taken care of for a long time and so that somehow led to suicidal thoughts the next day.
If you were able to have someone to share with, to talk to, to be heard and to get right and appropriate advice from, then you would not need to come to suicidal decision that hurt people who care about you.
Since then, I became very interested in Mental health industry and Mental health problems which are no longer rare in this modern world. The more developed the economy is, the worse the mental health problems get. And recently, the Covid 19 pandemic has brought the suffering to another level.
According to one statistic, the incidence of depression and anxiety disorders has increased by 30-40% during the Covid era. According to many other studies, one in four people in the world have mental health problems that need counseling.
Just as there is no family in the world that doesn't have any emotional or mental health problems. It is very easy to experience mental health problems related to the topics of marriage, love, personal finances and career. But there is no one can be available 24/7 for you to talk with. AI can. It helps you release stress after each conversation. You can talk with AI friend 24/7 and receive the reward after talking. Sound interested? And how about your AI personal assistant like Tago AI Friend? And that was the reason as well as the motivation for Tago's birth.