Tago Values

Tago aims to build a super app, applying Blockchain & AI technologies to officially build a web 3.0. What values will the application of Blockchain technology bring to Tago?

First thing first, Blockchain technology can create greater transparency on Tago's Community. The data about the morale of users as well as the reviews/rating for experts on Tago will become more transparent and it is guaranteed by Blockchain technology. It cannot be faked. The quality of the experts on Tago will also be validated by Blockchain technology.

The next great thing that Blockchain technology can help Tago solve is the automation in Gamification. Tago has a belief that if you are a good person, and if you are motivated, encouraged, and receive the right rewards, then you can become a better person. Because good behavior when appropriately rewarded will tend to repeat. With the help of Blockchain, Tago can develop its own token in its ecosystem which can be used as an appropriate reward for all users to encourage and motivate them to contribute to the growth of Tago.

AI belongs to web2. It can be used in many areas of life, including technology. However, for use, users can pay money for subscriptions, but cannot own, upgrade, sell, or trade.

In the field of NLP (Natural Language Processing), AI can be used to make chatbots with a huge amount of knowledge. However, when using other chatbots, we have to pay money. But with Tago NFT AI Friend, users can be rewarded with money.

Applying blockchain to AI will help us have a decentralized AI. It means everyone can train AI to have better services. The Decentralized AI will be more intelligent day by day by the community.

And last but not least, thanks to Blockchain technology, Tago was able to build a Decentralized Autonomous Organization also called DAO. This idea of DAO itself has been what Tago team wishes to fulfill for many years. But previously the construction of such an organization was only in theory and still not supported by technology with full power. Now the application of Blockchain can help facilitate Tago in empowering its community.

Therefore, Tago now can make the necessary decisions and empower its community to work together to co-create and co-decide, thus building the largest mental health community in the world. Blockchain makes it easier for Tago to reach out further to a global scope.

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