Tago Token Overview

The role of money is not deniable in building a real digital economy. Tago decides to introduce its token - Tago Token ($TAGO). It's like a utility token; it can be used to pay for some products and services on the platform. It is used as a reward for creators, content contributors, professionals who contribute to building Tago's ecosystem. Part of it is used to raise funds and donate to charity.

Tago Token also has governance token function. The owner can also hold or participate in staking to have the right to vote on important decisions in Tago. The community has the right to contribute to the construction of TagoVerse. This staking will help users get valuable rewards from Tago. The staking period can last from 1 to 12 months.

In order to prevent the inflation and value loss of the token, helping the token increase in price, Tago shall set aside a portion of the transaction fee to be able to buy back and burn to reduce the number of token supply in the whole market.

Tago plans to create plenty of special activities only for the token holders.

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