Token Metrics & Lock Terms
Tago's tokenomics are as follows:
The total supply is 500 million, the price of the private round is $ 0.022, the price for the IDO is $ 0.030.
This is the metrics and lock terms mechanism. This is how the cake is divided. To ensure fairness and efficiency, this piece of cake is divided as follows:
- 36% are divided into Gamification and staking rewards - one of the key things on Tago.
- 5% for reserved.
- 5% for DEX liquidity.
- 15% PR Marketing.
- 14% private funding round & 3% IDO with total funding round value of $1.8bil.
- 3% advisors.
- 19% foundation.
- Maintain the momentum for the stakers, stake holders and ensure the efficiency of the piece of cake that can swell up and bring even greater value to all stake holders.
Here's a summary for this scheme so it's easier for you to see.
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