Tago Impressive Figure

Tago has gained more than 310,000 real users who are using and have an interest in its products, and generated over 45,000 consultation bookings and more than 90,000 transactions using AI Friend. All of these metrics can be easily authenticated through the Admin browser. We can always log in to the Admin page to authenticate this information.

There are more than 300 ratings on the App store with an average score of 4.3, more than 1000 ratings on Google Play with an average score of 4.9, and not to mention thousands of respected messages from customers to Tago.

Imagine when you have an emotional problem and it gets solved after talking or a conversation with an AI Friend on Tago with low cost and get your reward, how grateful you may feel afterward. You may become a Fan of Tago.

Therefore, it is not too surprising that Tago, which has not yet been launched, has users in 190+ countries and territories.

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