Tago Impressive Figure
Tago has grown tremendously and has gained more than 73.000 real users who are using and have interest in its products, and generated over 36.000 consultation bookings. At Tago, there is a network of thousands of Mental health Advisors and Experts with more than 200 being active. All of these metrics can be easily authenticated through the Admin browser. We can always log in to the Admin page to authenticate this information.
And this product can easily be identified as one of the community favourites. There are more than 300 ratings on the App store with an average score of 4.3, more than 1000 ratings on Google Play with an average score of 4.9, and not to mention thousands of respected messages from customers to Tago.
Imagine when you have a mental health problem and it gets solved after a video call or a conversation with a spiritual expert on Tago, how grateful you may feel afterwards. You may become a Fan of Tago.
Users on Tago are to be found in 143 countries around the world. They are, of course, mostly based in Vietnam and the US but the total number of users is widely spread out in 143 countries.
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