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Market Overview

In this field of mental health care, we can easily find that there are many who struggle to find the right consultants and have quality counseling sessions. It is also not very easy to determine the price with the appropriate quality in this industry.
At the same time, the number of people who are experiencing internal crises, health problems, inner emotions is increasing. And so, more than ever, the demand for advice/counseling, or therapy from mental health professionals is rapidly rising.
In this day and age, people increasingly wish to learn about themselves because when we understand ourselves, we can understand the surroundings and all other aspects. And people tend to seek for other tools, apart from psychological therapy, such as Interrogation, Coaching, Numerology, Astrology, Tarot, etc.
With AI (NLP), everything will be much easier. Applying AI and Blockchain to Mental Health will help users can find a friend to chat with, anywhere, anytime. This AI is created by OpenAI with a huge amount of data that can answer all questions from users. Tago's application of OpenAI to Mental Health is an unprecedented breakthrough.
The mental health market is bigger than the gaming market. The AI market is even bigger 3 times than the mental health market. And just imagine, what happens if we have a mixed solution between AI and mental health like Tago?