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Tago Business Model

Within Tago's ecosystem, there are many ways to generate cash flow. For the 1:1 consulting product line, it is the cost of using the platform. For Online Course, it is the unit price of a course. With TagoSoul, the revenue comes from the purchase of the NFT TagoSoul version in limited quantities, or from the monthly subscription fee. It's the same with AI Social Matching to be able to use the more advanced features, users will pay a subscription fee each month.
With spiritual social networking, revenues come from advertising and other fees. Tago also has revenue from Tax fee, or Transaction fee (all In-App Activities).
VR and AR devices are also a major source of revenue for Tago. Tago can sell these devices to users and experts within its community. The revenue can be in Fiat or Token, depending on whichever type brings the most benefits to the economy at that time.