Token Flow

The second reason why the token can avoid devaluation is that Tago offers a series of very exciting functions. Users, instead of selling out tokens into the market to depreciate tokens, use tokens to pay for the features of products and services currently available on Tago. Because they are real users who have real needs, not just some short-term traders.

The more users get used to using Tago, the more involved they become within Tagoverse. From there, Tago will be able to recover certain amount of tokens. These tokens are reallocated back to The Evolve To Earn pool so that the token does not run out. This creates an infinite loop, called The Infinite Evolvement. Therefore, the token is valuable in circulating continuously.

The third reason is that Tago offers a key feature - staking. When staking for a long period of time, it can help avoid the discharge. The token tends to increase in price.

The fourth reason is that Tago uses a percentage of the transaction fee so that we can buy back tokens and burn tokens making the token more scarce. This is a very good method that big giants like Binance also do, from which Tago can ensure the long term growth in the value of Tago tokens for investors.

Thus, when looking at Token Flow in the Tago economy, we see from Pool Evolve To Earn that users will have tokens. In addition, tokens are also held by Stake Holders (Investors, VCs, KOLs...). They can use tokens to pay for products or services on Tago, or Staking to receive interest, have administrative rights, and have their own privileges. As a result, this token shall return to Tago. Tago will allocate a portion of the tokens back to the Evolve To Earn Pool, creating an infinite evolvement. As well as allocating a number of tokens back as rewards for the Stakers. The group of users with this Token can also exchange P2P with each other through gifts, donations, or the exchange of some kinds of NFT items (Coming soon), or for charity, or exchange fiat money for use outside the Tagoverse. Tago, too, can donate a small number of tokens to charity, give them back to the community, or exchange them for Fiat money to pay for its operations to ensure the development of our Roadmap-based Products, replicating Tago's business model. It's how Token flows on Tagoverse.

Tagoverse also conducts Token Burn in 3 ways:

1. Extract a part of gas fee for Token Burn; 2. Through Talk To Earn Gamefi System; 3. Tago uses the amount of Fiat money obtained from placing ads within TagoSoul or Tagoverse to buy back and execute Token Burn. The fifth reason is that Tago already has a real community of more than 82,000 users who love the product which is shown by thousands of high ratings. This is a huge advantage of Tago compared to many other projects, because users who have loved the products always are highly motivated to hold tokens longer than users who invest just for profits. These are 5 reasons why token values are not subject to inflation but will grow over time.

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