Spiritual Social Network

And so when users are connected to each other and become friends, it is one of Tago's wishes to build an entire community of mental health, spiritual health for those users who love to share upon this topic. This is the next feature that Tago plans to develop and bring it to the global scope.

There will be groups on specific topics to support users to overcome diseases such as depression, insomnia, disorders, anxiety, stresses; groups that help overcome addictions such as alcoholism, cigarrettes addiction, sex addiction; groups that help overcome the suffering of a relationship struggles such as divorce, separation, breakup ...

And within this community, users can support each other through confession or giving advices, i.e. users can confess or raise a mental health problem that they are experiencing and ask for advices from the community. There will be a team of mental volunteers carefully selected by Tago. They are ready to come in and listen, helping each other to feel relieved. If you want more in-depth advices, you can place booking with experts using the 1:1 paid consultation feature.

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