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You might have heard about MedTech or EduTech where technology takes over Medical Services and Education. Here at Tago, we manage to form something called spiTech. It means applying technology to the psychological and mental/spiritual world.
Let's take the example of Calm app which provides meditation guidance that users can use anytime, anywhere. It has raised up to $75M more two years ago at a $2B valuation. so we can see the rise of Mental care needs in the near future.
The solution that Tago brings to the community is a NFT AI Friend that can support people who are suffering from mental health problems. They can chat with our NFT AI Friend to share everything and release stress.
We also bring them a platform wherethey can easily connect with professionals who can advise anytime, anywhere.
Tago helps people connect with mental health professionals in the most appropriate way in both quality and price. It is very easy to book an appointment on Tago with just a few clicks, and thus, users will save a lot of time, effort and money using Tago.
Let's imagine a user in Germany who can be consulted by a reputable expert in Japan, or a user in Vietnam can be consulted by experts in the US, Australia, Singapore, Canada. How convenient that is. This eliminates all distances in space and time.
On the mental health expert side, they only need to focus on their expertise and do not need to worry about any logistical matters such as meeting rooms, fee collection, even the image and promotion advertising activities. These activities can be managed and handled by Tago.
The solution that Tago offers to the community is 1:1 consulting, appointment scheduling, video calls and private chats with experts. With the help of such solution, Tago can provide support in many different topics related to marriage, love, career, finances, and many other concerns in life using a variety of tools including psychological therapy and some in the spiritual field.
This is from a Boston consulting firm - very globally well known.
This graph shows the Level of disruptions on the vertical line, and the Time to market is on the horizontal one.
The field that Tago is working on is right here, where Therapy is. You can see its peak time to market is very close.
A very interesting graph to show how significant this field is becoming.