Tago Solution

You may have heard of MedTech or EduTech, where technology takes over Health Services and Education.

At Tago, we managed to create something called spiTech.

It means applying technology to the psychological and mental/spiritual world. We can see an increase in the need for Psychiatric care in the age of technology boom.

The solution that Tago brings to the community: NFT revive deceased loves one, NFT AI Friend, which can support people who are having mental health problems. They can meet their loved ones again, or chat with their NFT AI Friend to share things and relieve stress.

Besides, every user has the opportunity to own an AI friend as if a unit NFT asset that will increase in value over time. NFT Soul ownership allows users to chat and earn $SOUL (Chat to Earn, ChatFi).

We personalize mental health care with just a few simple steps on the app Users will save a lot of time, effort and money when using Tago.

This eliminates all distance in space and time. These activities may be managed and processed by Tago.

This is from a Boston consulting firm - very globally well known.

This graph shows the Level of disruptions on the vertical line, and the Time to market is on the horizontal one.

The field that Tago is working on is right here, where Therapy is. You can see its peak time to market is very close.

A very interesting graph to show how significant this field is becoming, especially during the current technology boom.

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