NFTed Real Estate

So now Tago provides almost everything. There are experts, teachers, users, virtual spiritual assistants. There are features for making friends, social dating. There is a whole community of spirituality. There are items to trade back and forth, to auction. There is a whole marketplace. With such a large community of users with useful values, the real estate on Tago is going to be worth the while.

We can see that we enter an era of online temple/church visits. The same applies to going to meditation center, going to see the fortune teller. There will be people who want to buy pieces of real estate here and put their meditation center or any facility in a prime and valuable location on Tagoverse.

There will be people who set up rooms for online Tarot sessions, Astrology consultation, etc,... or brands that wish to reach users who care about mental health. They'll want to advertise their brand image here in Tagoverse. Hence Tago proceeds to sell NFTed pieces of real estate on the Tagoverse.

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