NFT Products & Market Place

Tago continues to develop NFT to create NFT-enabled products. Tago's NFT's will be very different from other NFT's on the market. More than 95% of NFT products are currently left unsold, creating no value other than speculation.

But Tago's NFTs are interactive and capable of interacting with users so it can create real value for users. Tago will NFT the mental health friends, and these versions of the AI Friend will be NFTed to create a unique body ensuring the identity and ownership of the user. From there, users can create transactions. They can buy a version of the AI Friend, then enhance its appearance, design and script.

All of these scenarios will be reviewed by Tago to ensure quality. So after each enhancement they can sell it back to the market, adding values to that mental friend, at higher price. It's like buying a piece of land. The land itself will increase in price over time. If the owner leases the land, they may have another source of income. Tago's AI mental health friend works the same. This is an extremely unique and groundbreaking feature that Tago brings to the field of Mental health care as well as in the Crypto market.

Tago's NFT products also bring along uniquely new features which always excite the market. Following the rise in NFT products of the gaming industry and the music industry, Tago's NFTs will be a very exciting niche market which is NFT in the antiquities industry. We are talking about NFTed spiritual items such as statues, gemstones, rosaries, paintings ... Spiritual products are inherently very valuable and now thanks to NFT technology, it is brought to a whole new level.

Moreover, Tago created the NFT Marketplace but focused on the niche of spiritual products that users can exchange, buy and sell on this marketplace. At the same time, Tago also provide bidding function on the Marketplace. There are potential items such as a rosary of the Dalai Lama that can be auctioned. Tago will extract a part of profits earned from that auction to raise funds for charity and contribute to its CSR activities.

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