Tago's most recently updated Product Roadmap

Currently, the features that have been completed are the 1:1 consulting platform, Online course.

2022 Tago Launching New D-App with Blockchain technology, and AI Friend.

2023, users can chat with NFT AI Friend to ChatGPT & Earn. Mint a new NFT Soul and can train their own knowledge and build their own script for their own NFT AI Friend. They also can Earn Tokens by chatting with NFT AI Friend (with the knowledge of ChatGPT).

Within Quarter 1&2/2024, Tago enters the private round.

In 2024, we will see the start of a lot of NFT features, such as NFT AI Revive Decesead, spiritual NFT Marketplace.

In Quarter 3/2024, Tago will enter the INO and IDO Rounds.

Then in Quarter 4/2024, Tago will implement and optimize the AI social matching feature.By the end of this year, Tago will launch a spiritual social network.

In Quarter 2/2025, NFT AI Friend will be upgraded to be the Advanced AI Friend (customize your own one). Through this, they can sell Soul Subscriptions and receive Passive incomes.

VR&AR will then be implemented in 2026. The rest of 2025, Tago will start NFT-ing its real estate plots and aim to successfully build Tagoverse – the largest spiritual metaverse in the world.

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