Tago's most recently updated Product Roadmap
Currently the features that have been completed are the 1:1 consulting platform, online course, Blockchain and crypto technology, AI Tago soul. Within Quarter 1 of this year, Tago enters the private round, as well as around August this year, Tago will enter the IDO Round and apply smart contracts.
Then in Quarter 2/2023, Tago will implement and optimize the AI social matching feature, while upgrading the features of AI Tagosoul so that users can buy and sell after enhancing their customised Tagosoul.
In Quarter 3, Tago will launch spiritual social network.
Quarter 4/2023 will see the start of NFT features. VR&AR will then be implemented in Q1/2024. The rest of 2024, Tago will start NFT-ing its real estate plots and aim to successfully build Tagoverse – the largest spiritual metaverse in the world.
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