Welcome to Tago

Tago Product Roadmap

Let's see the picture of Tago's upcoming product roadmap with such global scope. What the users currently see is just the tip of the iceberg. Tago offers 1:1 consulting services through the platform as well as online spiritual courses.
What users have not seen but investors can see is the sinking part of the iceberg - the very exciting and practical matters that Tago is dealing with which are AI Tago Soul, AI Social Matching, Spiritual Social Network, NFTed Products & Marketplace, VR&AR, NFTed Real Estate. The central core of all this is Blockchain technology and its own application - Crypto currency. All of these are to be in place to eventually build a Tagoverse - the largest mental health metaverse in the world.
The "entrance ticket" to this Tagoverse is Tagosoul - NFT AI Friend for yourself. It's like your own spirit within Tagoverse. A good example would be the mechanism within a game; you have to buy a certain character of the game then upgrade and sell it back to others. so it works the same within Tagoverse, you buy an AI Tagosoul - the world's first ever AI Friend in mental care.