Tago Product Roadmap

Let's see the picture of Tago's upcoming product roadmap with such global scope. What the users currently see is just the tip of the iceberg. Tago offers 1:1 consulting services through the platform as well as online spiritual courses.

What users have not seen but investors can see is the sinking part of the iceberg - the very exciting and practical matters that Tago is dealing with which are AI Tago Soul, AI Social Matching, Spiritual Social Network, NFTed Products & Marketplace, VR&AR, NFTed Real Estate. The central core of all this is Blockchain technology and its own application - Crypto currency. All of these are to be in place to eventually build a Tagoverse - the largest mental health metaverse in the world.

The "entrance ticket" to this Tagoverse is Tagosoul - NFT AI Friend for yourself. It's like your own spirit within Tagoverse. A good example would be the mechanism within a game; you have to buy a certain character of the game then upgrade and sell it back to others. so it works the same within Tagoverse, you buy an AI Tagosoul - the world's first ever AI Friend in mental care.

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