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AI TagoSoul

For an even further step, in order to be able to scale up and not be dependent on time as well as the number of real experts, Tago applies AI technology by ChatGPT to build a virtual friend in mental health to help take care of emotional health as well as mental health for users on Tago. This AI Friend will be trained by Tago to be smart enough to solve problems as well as have a database large enough to immediately be able to retrieve the necessary answers based on the user's data as well as rely on psychological data, arithmetic theology, tarot, or other fields of occultism.
To go further, Tago will create a mechanism that allows users to develop an AI TagoSoul, a version of its own mental health friend. Users can choose the shape, appearance, clothes for this AI Friend. We can also include scenarios that are optimized and built by ourselves.
Users can also take to Tago's Market Place to sell access to the AI Friend to other users, and other users who use it will pay a recurring subscription-like fee. It is the creators of these AI Friends who will create a passive source of income above Tago.
TagoSoul can be NFTized and brought to Market Place. If you pay a little attention, then we can see the current trend is that people like to talk to chatbot AI to confide in & relieve stress. So what if you talk to AI TagoSoul and earn from it? This will bring a huge breakthrough all over the world.
There are 3 ways of earning with AI Tagosoul. First is the ChatGPT to Earn concept. You get daily earnings by just talking to Tagosoul. Anyone can talk, so why not talk to earn tokens for yourself while still gaining benefits for your mental health?
Second is from purchasing a brand new AI Tagosoul without any existing script. You can build your own Tagosoul academy with the help of Tagoverse. You can become a content contributor creating your own script for the Tagosoul you purchased. Lets say, a Tagosoul with the Buddism style? or Christianism? And up to a point, you can place it on the marketplace and sell it to others; or you can have it for rent in the form of subscription.
Third way is purchasing an existing Tagosoul from others, then continuing to train to upgrade it to another level so its value brings you profit when reselling it the next time.